CLASP supports appliance energy efficiency solutions in China by providing strategic advice to decision makers, conducting technical and market analyses, and leveraging international best practices.

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Neha Dhingra

“CLASP has a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision. I'm happy to contribute to this collaborative team and forward-looking mission.”

- Neha Dhingra, Research Associate, India

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Neha Dhingra


Ghanaian consumers and business will save USD 64 million from air conditioner energy efficiency standards, implemented in 2002 with support from CLASP.

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Global LEAP

Global LEAP Outstanding Off-Grid Product Awards promote energy access.

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SEAD Initiative

CLASP and SEAD transform the global market for efficient appliances.

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CLASP connects appliance policy, technical, and market experts to advance solutions that improve the environment and mitigate climate change. We forge inclusive partnerships…