Nearly 70 countries have policies in place to improve the efficiency of refrigerators sold on the market. Refrigerators are generally the first large appliance consumers purchase and the first product that policymakers choose to regulate. Over 150 million new refrigerators were sold in 2015, and nearly 1.5 billion are already in use around the world.

Save215 Terawatt Hours

In developing countries there is potential to save at least 215 terawatt hours of electricity annually by 2030 if the most efficient technologies currently available are adopted. This is more electricity than was consumed in South Africa in 2014 and would avoid the need for added capacity that is equal to nearly 70 medium sized power plants.

Source: United for Efficiency

S&L Policies Around the World

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Refrigerator prices have fallen even as standards have been put in place.

Innovations in Refrigeration Technology

Consumers get more space & higher efficiency at lower prices

SOURCE: The Appliance Standards Awareness Project