APEC EGEE&C Project on Standards and Test Methods for Heat Pump Water Heaters

APEC Heat Pump Water Heater Workshop event photo

On behalf of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Expert Group on Energy Efficiency and Conservation (APEC EGEE&C), CLASP – in partnership with with the Australian Department of Resources, Energy, and Tourism, the Korea Testing Laboratory, and the International Copper Association – is analyzing standards and test methods of heat pump water heaters with the aim of developing proposals for internationally-comparable energy efficiency test methods, metrics, and classes for use in future policy measures.

The heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient technologies for household water heating. Energy-efficiency is a key point in advertising and marketing for this product, and important for the policymakers who manage energy labeling and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) programs.

There are major differences between the existing test standards for heat pump water heaters, which mean that manufacturers have to undertake different tests for each economy where they sell their products. This inhibits trade, adds to product cost, and slows the development of the global heat pump water heater market.

A workshop was held on Friday, April 12th to discuss the project findings to date and solicit input to the interim analysis of existing test methods for heat pump water heaters. The final interim report and workshop presentations are available for download below.

The final report will be made available by September 2013. This report will include an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of existing test standards, incorporating findings from KTL’s heat pump water heater testing, and will result in proposals for internationally-comparable energy efficiency test methods, metrics, and level definitions for heat pump water heaters.

Findings from the final report will be presented on 10 September at the 7th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL) in Coimbra, Portugal.

To register for this workshop, please contact Pierre Cazelles at pierre.cazelles@copperalliance.asia.