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CLASP’s programs and activities range from local to regional to global, helping decision makers determine and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective appliance solutions.

CLASP works on the ground, policy by policy and market by market. Our country programs provide technical advice and strategic guidance to decision makers on how to effectively prioritize resources and activities for the most impacts. CLASP’s international programs identify, distill, and compare international best practices, convening decision makers to replicate those practices and catalyze transformative actions.

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    CLASP supports appliance energy efficiency solutions in China by providing strategic advice to decision makers on priority, high-energy consuming products, conducting technical analysis…

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    CLASP conducts neutral research that enables EU policymakers to increase the stringency level of appliance energy efficiency policies, raise the ambition of regulatory timelines…

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    For over a decade, CLASP has provided a wide range of support to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and others to strengthen and accelerate appliance energy efficiency policies in India…

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    United States

    CLASP promotes highly efficient emerging technologies in the US, identifies and shares international appliance best practices with US stakeholders for maximum policy impacts…

  • Global Research

    Global Best Practices

    CLASP accelerates energy savings from appliance energy efficiency by identifying, comparing, and disseminating international best practices—and helping decision makers replicate those practices...

  • SEAD

    SEAD Initiative

    CLASP supports the SEAD Initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial to transform the global market for energy-efficient equipment and appliances through collaboration among 16 participating governments…

  • Global Leap

    Clean Energy Access

    CLASP collaborates with industry, governments, and other development stakeholders to accelerate market uptake of highly-efficient, quality-assured off-grid appliances. CLASP leverages energy efficienc…

Success Stories

  • Appliance shop in Ghana


    Appliance energy efficiency policies were cost-effective solutions to Ghana’s energy crisis

  • Man looking at LED street lights

    Greening Canadian Cities

    Canadian cities reduce their energy footprint by switching to energy-efficient LED street lighting

  • Man ladder


    India set the standard for quality LED lighting