Clean Energy Access

Globally, an estimated 1.2 billion people around the globe lack access to electricity—another billion have only unreliable access. Each day, nearly 3 billion people prepare their meals on inefficient, pre-modern cookstoves, or over open fires, using fuels like charcoal and biomass. The emissions generated by these inefficient cooking methods pose serious health risks to households, especially women and children, and have significant negative climate impacts. Access to modern energy services satisfies basic household and business needs and drives social and environmental gains.

CLASP's Clean Energy Access program works at the intersection of energy efficiency and energy access. We envision and work toward a least cost approach to universal energy access and sustainable development, where the human, environmental, and economic costs of access to modern energy services are as low as possible through smart use of energy efficiency.

Energy Access + Energy Efficiency | EA+EE

Energy efficiency is a potent tool in global efforts to provide energy access to people under-served by modern energy infrastructure.

Through our programs and partnerships, CLASP’s Clean Energy Access work amplifies the role of energy efficiency in accelerating the affordability—and social and environmental benefits—of access to clean energy throughout the developing world.

We’re working toward a world where:

  • High-quality, highly energy-efficient products are the default in energy access markets; and
  • Energy efficiency is the first resource in global energy access and sustainable development efforts.

For more than 15 years, CLASP has worked in high-impact appliance energy efficiency market transformation, and we use this experience and expertise to foster competitive commercial markets for high-quality, high-efficiency, and appropriately-designed clean energy access products. CLASP is also a leading voice in the important and transformational impact of energy efficiency in global energy access and sustainable development efforts at large. 

CLASP’s Clean Energy Access Program is made possible through support from – and in collaboration with – our diverse partners: the Clean Energy Ministerial, the ClimateWorks FoundationEnergising Development (EnDev), the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (the UN Foundation), the US Department of Energy, the World Bank, and more.

The Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide is a catalog of the world’s best off-grid appliances. The 2016 edition contains information about off-grid fans and televisions that were named Winners and Finalists in the 2015-16 Global LEAP Awards. It is designed to serve as a procurement tool for use by off-grid solar companies and other distributors, and to provide general market intelligence to other interested stakeholders.

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