RFPs and Partnerships

CLASP fosters partnerships among appliance market, technical, and policy experts, policymakers, regulatory bodies, donors, and others, to connect the right people and best expertise for reduced energy and carbon emissions globally.

CLASP’s collaborations further appliance and product environmental and energy performance through increased communication and knowledge exchange, shared resources and best practices, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

    • RFPs

    • CLASP uses a fair and transparent RFP bidding process to connect the right experts and expertise for all project work we undertake. Browse our open RFPs to find current opportunities to collaborate with CLASP on technical and policy assistance activities.

    • Browse our closed RFPs to learn about CLASP’s completed technical and policy collaborations.

    • Selection Policies and Procedures for CLASP Assignments

    • Partnerships

    • Register to become a CLASP Partner. CLASP partners include donors, policymakers, and the world’s foremost appliance policy, market, and technical experts.

    • CLASP connects people, institutions, and knowledge to get the best results possible. We forge inclusive, collaborative, transparent, and mutually beneficial partnerships worldwide. CLASP’s network of partners, including the foremost leaders in appliance energy efficiency globally, come from a wide range of expertise, nationality, and affiliation.

    • CLASP encourages the individuals and organizations associated with CLASP to embrace CLASP’s Guiding Principles, which are designed to guard against paternalism or coercion by outside experts as well as to promote technical best practice and regionally appropriate products and services.