Our Partners

CLASP connects people, institutions, and knowledge to get the best results possible. We forge inclusive, collaborative, transparent, and mutually beneficial partnerships worldwide. CLASP’s network of partners, including the foremost leaders in appliance energy efficiency globally, come from a wide range of expertise, nationality, and affiliation.

Our partnerships allow us to achieve the shared vision of reducing the environmental impacts of energy-using products. In collaboration with our partners, we respond to the needs of S&L practitioners in targeted countries and regions. We provide technical assistance to national governments. We engage in capacity building and training of local partners. We assemble project teams from diverse and highly qualified organizations. We collaborate with policy makers and members of industry alike. We advance resources and facilitate information exchange on S&L best practice.

CLASP partnership types include Donors, Country Partners, and Implementing Partners. 

  • CLASP relies on geographically and programmatically diverse funding sources. CLASP Donors provide funding that enables CLASP to develop S&L tools, disseminate information, and otherwise support energy efficiency standards and labeling practitioners and initiatives. CLASP Donors benefit from advancing energy efficiency S&L collaborations worldwide.

  • CLASP Country Partners are S&L policy makers and governmental practitioners who have access to CLASP's S&L tools, information, best practice support, and Implementing Partners network. Country Partners benefit from connecting to S&L expertise worldwide.

  • CLASP Implementing Partners are technical experts in the various aspects of energy efficiency S&L. CLASP collaborates with the most experienced S&L practitioners available worldwide and assigns the world's most qualified individuals to project tasks independent of nationality or affiliation. Implementing Partners benefit from access to information about S&L opportunities, are invited to bid on open RFPs, and are welcomed into the CLASP S&L community—a place to share, find, and advance S&L resources worldwide.