Country Partners

CLASP Country Partners are S&L policy makers and governmental practitioners who have access to CLASP's S&L tools, information, best practice support, and Implementing Partners network. Country Partners benefit from connecting to S&L expertise worldwide.



Country PartnersINTI-EnergiaAlberto BersetArgentina
Country Partners Alemayehu Zeleke TufaEthiopia
Country PartnersMinistry of IndustrilaizationAndrew KarugaGEEA Member Countries
Country PartnersA.S. Azzouni ConsultantsAnees AzzouniSaudi Arabia
Country PartnersLOGREENAntoine BestelAustralia
Country PartnersTERIArvind SharmaIndia
Country Partners Barry BredenkampSouth Africa
Country Partners Caifeng LiuPeople's Republic of China
Country Partners Carlos Fernando Valles FrancoColombia
Country Partners Carlos Gustavo TanidesArgentina
Country PartnersMinistry of National InfrastructuresEddie Bet-HazavdiIsrael
Country Partners Engr. Zafar ChaudhryPakistan
Country Partners Gilberto JaimesColombia
Country PartnersNamalere Forest Conservation GroupJohn OjwoloKenya
Country PartnersAarhus UniversityJohn Th√łgersenDenmark
Country PartnersAko FoundationKwame OforiGhana
Country PartnersAid OrganizationMd.Moniruzzaman Md.MoniruzzamanBangladesh
Country Partners Miljan VuksanovicSlovakia
Country PartnersThe Light Of Life FoundationMuhammad Raza Attaur RasoolPakistan
Country Partners Pham ToanViet Nam