Implementing Partners

CLASP Implementing Partners are technical experts in the various aspects of energy efficiency S&L. CLASP collaborates with the most experienced S&L practitioners available worldwide and assigns the world's most qualified individuals to project tasks independent of nationality or affiliation. Implementing Partners benefit from access to information about S&L opportunities, are invited to bid on open RFPs, and are welcomed into the CLASP S&L community—a place to share, find, and advance S&L resources worldwide.



Implementing PartnersICLEI - Local Governments for SustainabilityAbby SempleGermany
Implementing PartnersEnda-EnergyAbdou DIOPUnited States of America
Implementing Partners Agenor GarciaBrazil
Implementing PartnersAfrica Insights ResearchAlbert ShuramatongoZimbabwe
Implementing Partners Alex ChausovskyUnited States of America
Implementing PartnersEnerveeAlex KatzmanUnited States of America
Implementing PartnersAOT Consulting (U) LtdAlexander Komakech AkenaUganda
Implementing Partners Alexander AblazaThe Philippines
Implementing Partners Alfred AhenkorahUnited States of America
Implementing Partners Ali Ashoor AbdullatifBahrain
Implementing PartnersIT Energy ApSAli RahbarDenmark
Implementing PartnersEarthSpark Internationalallison ArchambaultUnited States of America
Implementing PartnersEmergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.Aloke BarnwalIndia
Implementing PartnersSouthern African Alternative Energy AssociationAlwyn SmithSouth Africa
Implementing Partners Agenor GarciaBrazil
Implementing Partners Ameya UdgaonkarIndia
Implementing Partners Amit DarakIndia
Implementing PartnersICF InternationalAmit KhareIndia
Implementing PartnersPricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. LimitedAmit KumarIndia
Implementing PartnersMaytra Noesis Advisors (P) LimitedAmol NavangulIndia