Selection Policies

Selection Policies and Procedures for CLASP Assignments

  1. CLASP will maintain a list of qualified S&L technical assistance experts called implementing partners.

  2. To qualify for CLASP's list, implementing partners must demonstrate some S&L experience, agree in writing to the CLASP principles and consent to CLASP's management procedures including peer review.

  3. Qualified implementing partners may apply for project work as individuals or organizations. CLASP seeks to distinguish itself by putting together the best teams of individuals selected from all potential implementing partners.

  4. All CLASP's project implementation opportunities will be made available to the complete list of qualified CLASP implementing partners. Deadlines for response and adjustments to CLASP's standard selection criteria will often be dictated by the terms of sponsoring partners and country partners.

  5. CLASP management staff will not participate substantially as implementers. The rare case that CLASP management staff engages as implementers will be based upon a lack of availability of qualified outside experts. In the early years of its corporate independence, CLASP management may participate part-time as implementers in the absence of core funding.

  6. Selection of implementing partners for assignments will be based upon a fair and transparent evaluation of all bids taking into account:
    • Overall level of S&L experience and performance
    • Specific task and/or country experience and performance
    • Participation in development of the project
    • Stated preferences of the donor and/or host country
    • Bid price
    • Availability

  1. CLASP's standard selection process is web- and email-based including:

  1. Adjustments may be made to both the criteria and standard process based on the needs of donors, host countries and individual projects, as long as they pose no violation of CLASP's intended principle of a fair and transparent selection process.

  2. Concerns or complaints by implementing partners may be registered with CLASP's Executive Director and will be addressed immediately. A dispute resolution process is under consideration; if you would like to suggest a dispute resolution mechanism for CLASP, please contact us.