CLASP is committed to developing and sharing resources for appliance technical and market experts around the world.

    • Resources

    • CLASP's Publication Library catalogues reports, presentations, books, and other publications.

    • Read more about appliance policy, technical, and market developments globally.

    • Standards & Labeling

    • CLASP sets the standard for energy efficiency standards & labels.

    • CLASP's S&L Guidebook is designed as a manual for government officials and others around the world responsible for developing, implementing, enforcing, monitoring, and maintaining energy efficiency labeling and standards-setting programs.

    • Products

    • Air Conditioning represents a significant portion of global energy demand. In the US alone, it accounts for 6.2% of all residential energy consumption. Global energy use from air conditioners will continue to rise as economic growth will make cooling more affordable to people in hot and populous countries.

    • Lighting currently accounts for 15% of global electricity consumption — more than the electricity generated by all the nuclear power plants in the world — and 5% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Projects like SEAD and the Global Lighting Challenge work to identify and deploy high efficiency, high quality lighting products around the world. These efforts are a socioeconomic imperative — an improvement for humanity and our planet -- rooted in the innovation and collaboration -- spurred by efficient lighting.

    • Electric motors and systems account for approximately 40 percent of global electricity consumption, and new sales are growing at a rate of 2.5 percent each year. Motors can stay in use for fifteen years or longer, which means the energy used over the lifetime of a product can really add up. To encourage the uptake of more efficient motors, over 50 countries have put policies in place that are designed to improve the energy efficiency of electric motors.

    • Nearly 70 countries have policies in place to improve the efficiency of refrigerators sold on the market. Refrigerators are generally the first large appliance consumers purchase and the first product that policymakers choose to regulate. Over 150 million new refrigerators were sold in 2015, and nearly 1.5 billion are already in use around the world.

    • Policy Compliance

    • Compliance protects the value of standards & labels.

    • Find technical studies and other resources for improving the implementation of monitoring, verification, and enforcement policies, frameworks, and activities.

    • The Guidebook on MV&E Best Practice for Appliance Standards & Labeling provides step-by-step guidance for policymakers and S&L practitioners to design and implement robust and effective MV&E frameworks.

    • MV&E Economy Access is a one stop shop for MV&E information publically available, providing policymakers and MV&E stakeholders with quick and direct access to online MV&E information in economies around the world.