CLASP is committed to developing and sharing resources for appliance technical and market experts around the world.

    • Resources

    • CLASP's Publication Library catalogues reports, presentations, books, and other publications.

    • Read more about appliance policy, technical, and market developments globally.

    • Standards & Labeling

    • CLASP sets the standard for energy efficiency standards & labels.

    • CLASP's S&L Guidebook is designed as a manual for government officials and others around the world responsible for developing, implementing, enforcing, monitoring, and maintaining energy efficiency labeling and standards-setting programs.

    • Products

    • Policy Compliance

    • Compliance protects the value of standards & labels.

    • Find technical studies and other resources for improving the implementation of monitoring, verification, and enforcement policies, frameworks, and activities.

    • The Guidebook on MV&E Best Practice for Appliance Standards & Labeling provides step-by-step guidance for policymakers and S&L practitioners to design and implement robust and effective MV&E frameworks.

    • MV&E Economy Access is a one stop shop for MV&E information publically available, providing policymakers and MV&E stakeholders with quick and direct access to online MV&E information in economies around the world.