MV&E Economy Access

MV&E Economy Access is a one stop shop for MV&E information publically available, providing policymakers and MV&E stakeholders with quick and direct access to online MV&E information in economies around the world.

Globally, non-compliance contributes to losses in CO2 emission savings of 112 Mt per year. Raising MV&E profiles plays a vital role in signaling the risks of non-compliance to stakeholders in S&L programs. To safeguard expected energy savings and the integrity of S&L programs, governments use various communication channels (i.e. websites or newsletters) to announce compliance information, including new MV&E regulations, product performance testing results, and enforcement actions.

Use the filters below to search MV&E public information by:

  • Economy:  an economy/country with public MV&E information available online (e.g. Australia)
  • Category: a category associated with monitoring, verification, or enforcement (e.g. Verification)
  • Topic: a topic falls under the categorization of monitoring, verification, or enforcement ( e.g. Certification)