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  • 16 September 2010

    Survey on Compliance Programs for Appliance Standards and Labels

    The study described in this paper focuses on the potential to improve the outcomes of S&L programs through ensuring that products within the scope of S&L programs adhere to the stated rules of these programs. This subject is often referred to as ‘compliance’ although it can also be broken down in a number of processes involving monitoring, verification and enforcement (MV&E).

    Document Type: Report | Source: Mark Ellis & Associates

  • 11 March 2008

    Check-Testing of Manufacturer Self-Reported Labeling Date & Compliance with MEPS

    LBNL compiled a report, with the support of METI, summarizing the findings from monitoring and enforcement activities and indicating China’s progress to date.

    Document Type: Report | Source: Nan Zhou, Nina Zheng, David Fridley (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Rouhong Wang (China National Institute of Standardization); Christine Egan (CLASP)