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2011 Retail Store Survey Indicates Significant Improvement of Compliance Rate for Televisions in Australia


Australia’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, in collaboration with the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC), conducted a national survey of stores displaying televisions to assess compliance with mandatory registration and energy labeling requirements.

In Australia, televisions have been subject to mandatory minimum energy performance standards and mandatory energy labeling since 1 October 2009. Prior to the introduction of regulation, a voluntary energy labeling scheme operated as an interim measure from July 2008 until 1 August 2009.

This survey examined televisions displayed in 101 stores throughout Australia and involved individual inspection of 5,140 products offered for sale in those stores between 7 December 2010 and 4 February 2011. It found that 93.2% of televisions were labeled correctly. Of the incorrectly labeled televisions, 73% did not display a label at all, and 22% were not compliant because the label was damaged or, more frequently, obscured.

These results indicate a substantial improvement compared to a preliminary study conducted twelve months earlier that suggested the average national labeling compliance rate could be as low as 76%. Furthermore, as the poorest performing 100 stores from the preliminary study were chosen for this survey, the current labeling compliance average in retail outlets in Australia may in fact exceed 93.2%.

The compliance rate for televisions complying with state and territory legal requirements to register all models prior to being offered for sale was 98.2%. Though slightly less than the equivalent figures for white goods (99.4%) and air conditioners (98.9%), this result indicates that the registration requirements are well understood by the majority of television suppliers in Australia.

Given that mandatory regulations for televisions were introduced only 15 months prior to the survey (on 1 October 2009), the national level of labeling and registration compliance in televisions compares favorably with the white good and air conditioner survey results.