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en.lighten’s Efficient Lighting Toolkit Identifies MV&E Best Practices for Lighting

National policies and programs that support the phase-out of inefficient lighting significantly improve energy efficiency, while reducing electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Monitoring, verification and enforcement (MV&E) policies are an essential part of a national efficient lighting strategy.

Compliance of lighting products is critical to ensure the success of transforming the market to efficient lighting and to maximize the energy savings potential from phasing out inefficient lighting products. Without an effective compliance framework, non-compliant products compromise the effectiveness of efficient lighting programs and policies.

An International Energy Agency report has indicated that a savings of over 4,000 TWh (equivalent to over 2,000 MtCO2) may be lost due to non-compliant lighting products being sold between 2010 and 2030, throughout all energy efficient programs on a global basis.

en.lighten’s Efficient Lighting Toolkit is a manual that identifies many of the essential elements that need to be considered before and after inefficient lighting phase-out schemes have been initiated.

Particularly, section 4 of the toolkit, Ensuring Product Availability and Conformance, is designed as a manual for policymakers to design and implement MV&E strategies for lighting products. This section of the toolkit focuses on four aspects of MV&E frameworks:

  • The rationale for and value of MV&E and its objectives in the lighting sector;

  • The essentials of an MV&E framework for lighting products –  including
       program-specific elements of monitoring, verification and testing, and
       various options for handling non-compliant products in the market;

  • Policy options and priorities for policymakers and program managers regarding MV&E;

  • Implementation and integration with standards and labeling programs – including 
       developing and strengthening test capacity and regional cooperation;
       strengthening laboratories and expanding capacity; and
       how regional cooperation can increase the effectiveness of MV&E
    while reducing costs.


Source: en.lighten