ClimateWorks Foundation publishes Policies That Work: How to Build a Low-Emissions Economy

06 December 2011

report cover of Policies That WorkOf the thousands of energy and transportation policies enacted worldwide, which ones succeed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while boosting innovation and economic growth? Based on extensive research and analysis, "Policies That Work: How to Build a Low-Emissions Economy" identifies the most effective policies and describes the tools government leaders need to address their nations' energy, climate, and transportation challenges.

This report, the first in a series, provides an analytical framework to evaluate proposed policies in terms of their economic benefits and effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Written by leading policy and technical experts in the ClimateWorks Network, subsequent reports will apply this analysis to specific economic sectors.

Nations that design, adopt, and implement these policies will reap immense benefits, including enhanced energy security, improved public health, more-livable cities, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and increased economic competitiveness.

Information from: ClimateWorks Foundation

Download file: Policies That Work: How to Build a Low-Emissions Economy