IEA Publishes Benchmarking Report on Domestic Lighting

01 September 2011

IEA 4E published new Mapping and Benchmarking reports on the regulation and efficiency of domestic lighting products in 10 countries and regions around the world.

In many parts of the world the lighting market is going through a significant period of transition. This transition is a combination of ‘regulations to phase-out inefficient lighting’ and the market entrance of new products, in particular new types of halogen lamps and LEDs.

While the overall approach on regulatory actions to phase out the least efficient lamps is very similar between the markets analyzed, there are major differences in the approach to performance levels, the stringency at which the required performance levels are set, and the associated phasing or speed at which the required actions come into force, the range of light outputs and products included in the regulations and the products exempted or allowed to perform at lower efficiency levels.

To help policy makers understand the various regulatory options and market changes, this new report:

  • Analyzes the approach and stringency of the various ‘phase-out’ regulations in ten countries;
  • The resultant changes in the type of products entering each market; and
  • The changes in the overall average efficacies (efficiencies) new products sales.

The analysis also identifies a number of key areas of concern for policy makers, including areas where new or modified policy intervention may be required in the future.

To find out more about the variations in policy and the effect this has had on the efficacy of domestic lighting in different countries, download the benchmarking report here and individual country overviews here.

This report is the fifth in a series that also includes:

  1. Cold appliances (domestic refrigerators and freezers)
  2. Televisions
  3. Clothes dryers
  4. Air conditioners

All these reports can be viewed here.

This article is from the Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment International Energy Agency (IEA 4E).

URL: http://mappingandbenchmarking.iea-4e.org/