SEAD Global Efficiency Medals Awarded to World’s Most Energy Efficient TVs

20 November 2012

The SEAD Initiative recognizes Samsung and LG for producing the most energy efficient flat-panel televisions in the world.

The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition places top-performing super-efficient products in the hands of early adopting consumers. Spurring innovation among manufacturers, the first competition identifies the most efficient flat-panel TVs in the world – in three different sizes – and recognizes one TV with the most efficient emerging technology globally.

SEAD TV Global Award Winners

SEAD TV Emerging Tech Award

SEAD Global Award winners are 33-44% more efficient than TVs with similar technology.

Energy Efficiency Bar Chart of SEAD TV Global Winners

"We have seen drastic improvements in TV energy efficiency over the last years, but the winning manufacturers demonstrate that the potential for improvement remains large," says Mr. Peter Bennich of the Swedish Energy Agency.

SEAD will host an international awards ceremony in connection with the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in early 2013 to distinguish the international winning product models. SEAD member governments are working with manufacturers, retailers, and other energy efficiency stakeholders to make it easy for consumers to identify these award winning products.

SEAD Award-winning products are selected from manufacturer nominations. Read more about the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition.


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