New Video Test Sequence for Televisions

08 August 2016

A new 10-minute video intended to serve as an HDR test sequence and to function as an alternative to the IEC 62087 test sequence.

CLASP's Europe program has developed a new ten-minute test video which can serve to measure energy consumption of HDR televisions, and to function as an alternative test clip to the existing IEC 62087:2015 test video.  This new HDR video was developed as part of a project called “Smart Testing of Energy Products” (STEP), which is funded by the ClimateWorks Foundation and the European Climate Foundation. The goal of this project is to achieve even greater CO2 emission reductions from appliances through standards and labelling by focusing on the adequacy of test standards and supporting market surveillance. STEP is managed collaboratively by four European organisations: CLASP, the European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS), the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Topten International.

This new ten-minute test video sequence can serve as an alternative to the IEC 62087:2015 video, and offers the same average picture level as IEC but has fewer cuts in the video content, thus making it more representative of normal program content. The video clip was prepared for CLASP by a professional production team and is freely available (without copyright) for download below in five formats: UHD-4K-HDR-10, UHD-4K-HDR-8, UHD-4K, HD and SD.  The video clip itself contains a variety of custom-filmed clips of street scenes, sports, advertising and clips from a staged television drama and news talk-show. Note: there is no sound track for this video clip, as it is intended to measure power consumption of video reproduction.

Click on this link to visit CLASP's Google Drive folder where you can download electronic versions of the video (MP4 format):

  • Ultra-High Definition (4K) High Dynamic Range (HDR) - 10 bit colour
  • Ultra-High Definition (4K) High Dynamic Range (HDR) - 8 bit colour
  • Ultra-High Definition (4K)
  • High Definition
  • Standard Definition

Overview of the ten minute test sequence video:

The professional production team who prepared this test sequence was: Gerard Giorgi-Coll – Director and editor; James Bushe – Equipment and facilities; Angela Lamont – Producer and locations; Andrew Rix – Camera operator and encoding. For more information about their work, visit: http://www.newsbyte.co.uk/.

For more information about CLASP's Europe Program, please click here.