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  • 27 March 2006

    Leading the Way: Continued Opportunities for New State Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards in the U.S.

    This report is an update and expansion of a 2001 ACEEE report entitled Opportunities for New Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards: Energy and Economic Savings Beyond Current Standards Programs (Kubo, Sachs, and Nadel 2001). The current report describes opportunities for U.S. state governments to set minimum-efficiency standards for 18 appliances and other types of equipment currently not covered by federal standards.

  • 17 March 2006

    Feasibility Research of the Reach of Energy Efficiency Standards of Major Industry Energy Consumption Products in China

    The feasibility research of the reach of energy efficiency standards in China was separated into four stages (1) Collecting and analyzing related documents both at home and abroad (2) Investigating the market throughout the country (3) Setting the technique indexes and model analysis (4) Drafting the research report.

  • 17 March 2006

    Clothes Washer Standards in China -- The Problem of Water and Energy Trade-offs in Establishing Efficiency Standards

    Currently the sales of clothes washers in China consist of several general varieties. Some use more energy (with or without including hot water energy use) and some use more water. Both energy and water are in short supply in China. This poses the question - how do you trade off water versus energy in establishing clothes washers? This paper discusses how China dealt with this situation and how it established minimum efficiency standards for clothes washers.

  • 17 March 2006

    Comparison of Australian and US Cost-Benefit Approaches to MEPS

    This report compares the approaches for three types of products: household refrigerators and freezers, small electric storage water heaters, and commercial/industrial air conditioners. This report presents the findings of similarities and differences between the approaches of the two countries and suggests changes to consider in the approach taken in Australia.

  • 17 March 2006

    Efficiency of Appliance Models on the Market Before and After DOE Standards

    Appliance standards set a floor for energy efficiency. But do they also induce more significant changes in the efficiencies that manufacturers offer after the standard becomes effective? To address this question, the study undertook an examination of before-standard and after-standard efficiency of models on the market for three products:refrigerators, room air conditioners, and gas furnaces.