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  • 21 October 2004

    North American Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling

    This document, as a publication of the NAEWG, reflects a joint perspective of the national energy departments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Information on each country contained in this document has been provided through the relevant country's national energy department, which retains sole responsibility for the information on its country.

  • 05 October 2004

    Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels in North America

    There are 10 products with different MEPS and test procedures, but which have the short-term potential to develop common test procedures, MEPS, and/or labels. Three other noteworthy areas where possible energy efficiency initiatives have potential for harmonization are standby losses, uniform endorsement labels, and a new standard or label on windows. This paper explains these conclusions and presents the underlying comparative data.

  • 05 October 2004

    International Review of Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Electric Resistance Storage Water Heaters

    The aim of this document is to provide more up-to-date information on the status of overseas MEPS levels for electric storage water heaters and to provide a more rigorous modelling approach to the comparison of overseas MEPS levels with the equivalent standing heat loss level in AS1056.

  • 01 September 2004

    ASEAN Ballast Market Assessment Report

    This market assessment report aims to provide S&L stakeholders in the ASEAN region with an overview on the demand and supply characteristics of fluorescent lamp ballasts in ASEAN.

  • 01 July 2004

    Energy Label Transition - The Australian Experience

    In 2000, Australia was the first major economy with a mandatory energy labeling program to regrade the label rating scale and redesign the label. This report endeavors to detail the process undertaken to achieve a successful transition in 2000 from the old label to the new label.