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  • 01 August 2003

    Appliance Standby Power Consumption in Australia - Store Survey 2003

    This report summarizes the results of in-store standby measurements in Australia for some 573 new household appliances, undertaken in January 2003.

  • 01 June 2003

    Lessons Learned from Australia's Standards and Labeling Program

    Australia is implementing an expanded mandatory standards program which experts project will save almost 136 Mt CO2e (community energy benefits alone totaling almost 3 billion Euro) over the next 15 years.

  • 01 June 2003

    Australia's Contribution on Standby Power

    Standby power consumption is now a significant issue. The number of products with a standby component in households appears to be increasing rapidly. However, it appears that a low standby future is both technically feasible and cost effective. Australia is taking a leading role in development and implementation of standby policy. A range of policy measures are contemplated, from industry targets and voluntary agreements in the early stages to regulatory action in cases where adequate progress is not achieved.

  • 01 May 2003

    Energy Efficiency Analysis for Improvement of Residential Refrigerators in Brazil

    The main objective of this study is to provide the technical background to support the establishment of energy efficiency standards for refrigerators. The technical improvements suggested in this study were evaluated in an experimental setup available in a specialized refrigeration laboratory.

  • 01 April 2003

    China's National Appliance Standards and Labeling Program

    The paper focuses on China's appliance efficiency standard and labeling programs since the publication of the first set of standards for eight types of appliance products (refrigerators, room air conditioners, clothes washers, television sets, automatic rice cookers, radio receivers, electric fans and electric irons) in 1989.