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ASEAN Ballast Market Assessment Report

ASEAN Ballast Market Assessment cover pageThe Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) aims to foster cooperation and mutual assistance among members. ASEAN member countries are culturally and economically diverse. Geographical and economical diversifications, however, do not hinder the cooperation on energy efficiency in the region, as ASEAN member countries have underlined the development of an energy efficiency standards and labeling program for ASEAN as one of the key regional energy efficiency development strategies.

As a result of this cooperation, ASEAN initiated the ASEAN Regional Standards and Labeling Program (ASEAN S&L) in 1999 and cited fluorescent lamp ballasts as a priority product for immediate action. The ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-Sector Network (EE&C-SSN) was given the mandate by the ASEAN Energy Ministers to develop and implement the ASEAN S&L program.

This market assessment report aims to provide S&L stakeholders in the ASEAN region with an overview on the demand and supply characteristics of fluorescent lamp ballasts in ASEAN. More detailed information with respect to the domestic ballasts market in each member country are discussed in the report as is information on the key public and private sector organizations, ballast standards in place, and the relevant energy conservation initiatives of each country. Moreover, the report demonstrates the potential for electricity peak demand reduction and energy savings due to forecasted penetration of energy-efficient fluorescent lamp ballasts in the region.

The findings and recommendations summarized in this market assessment report are intended to facilitate the development of the ASEAN S&L program on fluorescent lamp ballasts, particularly with regard to establishing a common energy performance test procedure for fluorescent lamp ballasts and other core technical elements necessary for implementation of such a regional S&L program.

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Authors: Sommai Phon-Amnuaisuk, Phongkarn Piamsuttitam, and Lisa Surprenant

With assistance from: Collaborative Labeling and Appliances Standards Program (CLASP), International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC), and Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)

Information from: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)