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Cooperative Climate: Energy Efficiency Action in East Asia


Cover Report for Cooperative ClimateThe purpose of this book is to identify a promising modality of energy efficiency cooperation within East Asia. Energy efficiency is of interest to all countries in the region, and a key pillar for climate change mitigation. In order to explore cooperation opportunities in greater detail, international research experts collaborated for one year. This book is the product of their collaboration. Published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development for Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan; and the University of San Francisco, United States.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

  • Chapter 1. Climate Change,Asian Economy, Energy and Policy
        by Taishi Sugiyama

  • Chapter 2.The Need for Energy Efficiency Cooperation

        by Taishi Sugiyama, Gørild Heggelund and Takahiro Ueno

Part II: Existing Energy Efficiency Cooperation in East Asia

  • Chapter 3. Cooperation Structure:The Growing Role of Independent Cooperation Networks

        by Stephanie Ohshita, Steve Wiel and Gørild Heggelund

  • Chapter 4.Cooperation Mechanisms:A Shift Toward Policy Development Cooperation

        by Stephanie Ohshita

  • Chapter 5.Cooperation Targets: From Industry to Energy Services

        by Stephanie Ohshita, Alan Meier, Steve Wiel and Gørild Heggelund

Part III.Proposal for a New Energy Efficiency Policy Development Fund

  • Chapter 6.The Fund Proposal

        by Taishi Sugiyama, Steve Wiel,Alan Meier and Jonathan Sinton

Author: Taishi Sugiyama, Stephanie Ohshita, Steve Wiel, Gørild Heggelund, Alan Meier and Jonathan Sinton  

Information from: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)