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ELI Voluntary Technical Specifications

Efficient Lighting InitiativeBackground

The Efficient Lighting Initiative (ELI) program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the use of energy-efficient lighting technologies. ELI operated through country- based programs in seven countries: Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Peru, the Philippines, and South Africa. ELI is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). ELI programs in all seven countries are built around the development of a recognizable ELI consumer logo representing efficient and reliable product performance. The ELI specifications are not part of any local or international law or regulation. However, manufacturers interested in participating in ELI must show that their products comply with the ELI specifications.

Technical specifications

The ELI Voluntary Technical Specifications were developed through an international development and review process involving experts on the local lighting markets in the seven ELI countries, experts in lighting technology, and the lighting industry. The ELI specifications cover efficient lighting technologies that may be promoted through ELI programs, but not all technologies will be promoted in every country. The needs of the local lighting markets drive program design in each country.

Individual product specifications are listed as below:

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