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Energy Labeling for Domestic Appliances


Energy Labeling for Domestic AppliancesEnergy Labelling for Domestic Appliances, Training Program for National Government Officials and Experts. Published in May 2006. Prepared as a part of the Central and Eastern European Countries Appliance Policy (CEECAP)'s “ Implementing EU Appliance Policy in Central and Eastern Europe" project. The CEECAP project is coordinated by SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, Czech Republic, co-funded by the European Commission.

This information material is intended to assist national government officials and experts in Central and Eastern European Countries in the implementation process of the Energy labeling scheme setting emphasis on verification and enforcement actions. The principal aim of this brochure is to serve as a practical tool and guide, providing action orientated information based on experience of the EU 15 countries and explaining the duties and rules applied by the appliance label legislation. Readers of this publication will learn about the current European label and standards legislation with its concrete focus on appliances and labels. The impact and importance of labels is explained, providing also concrete country examples.

The main part of this publication provides a concrete list of steps, duties and suggestions for a proper label and standards implementation and usage on a country level. It also gives an overview of the process of new legislation adoption on the European Union level, with the aim to increase the active participation of Central and Eastern European countries in this process, and the addresses of relevant internet websites. This manual is accompanied by a training programme for retailers and manufacturers, which provides special targeted information for those who produce and distribute electrical appliances.

This publication is also published in Bulgarian, Czech, Polish and Romanian and available for downloading on the CEECAP website. 

Information from: Central and Eastern European Countries Appliance Policy (CEECAP)