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Consultation Technical Report - Phase-Out of Inefficient Incandescent Lamps and Standards for Compact Fluorescent Lamps


The Australian Government agencies responsible for product energy efficiency are currently investigating the implementation of the Government’s announced intention to phase-out inefficient incandescent lamps.

The technical report aims to communicate to stakeholders the rationale and most important issues and questions relating to the regulatory proposal and to seek stakeholder comment and industry/market data to better inform the development of the regulatory proposal.

Currently incandescent lighting and compact fluorescent lamps are not subject to minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). The measure will be implemented by introducing MEPS for incandescent lamps in order to remove the poorest performing products from the Australian market place between 2008 and 2015.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program in Australia is managing the process of obtaining stakeholder views and data on the regulatory proposal. E3 will accept written submissions from stakeholders until close of business 1 February 2007 on any of the issues raised in the document.

Information from: Australia Greenhouse Office (now Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency)