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Appliance Energy Efficiency Opportunities: China 2013

China Opportunities Paper - coverChina is the world’s largest producer and consumer of household appliances, lighting, and equipment, and has one of the most comprehensive appliance energy efficiency programs in the world. However, there are tremendous opportunities to capture additional savings through more stringent policies for major energy-consuming appliances.

CLASP recently published Appliance Energy Efficiency Opportunities: China 2013 that synthesizes – for the first time – technological, market, consumer, and international perspectives to identify further opportunities for energy savings and provide high-level strategic guidance and policy recommendations.

The study indicates that tremendous energy savings are available through revised appliance energy efficiency policies for nine prioritized products, shown below.

China Opportunities Paper - Energy Savings Potential 

By revising standards to reflect the energy performance of the best products currently on the market, China can save 189 TWh of electricity per year -- equivalent to removing 37 coal-fired power plants – in 2020.

This paper consisted of five separate technical and market studies, each of which is summarized in Appendices:


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Appliance Energy Efficiency Opportunities: China 2013 - Main Report
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