CLASP Update, December 2011

15 December 2011

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Greetings from CLASP

As we look forward to the many opportunities 2012 will bring, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our recent news, changes, and improvements. We wish you a happy new year.


CLASP Online

CLASP Launches Redesigned Website

The CLASP website has a fresh look and feel! The improved website provides enhanced information resources, leading to the application of best practices in appliance efficiency standards and labeling (S&L) worldwide.

Users can now take advantage of an improved structure and more effective search functions to navigate the website.  New sections provide more information about CLASP's current program activities and past work around the world, and highlight the importance of S&L in reducing energy use. The Resources and Tools section includes the S&L Resource Library of technical studies, CLASP's S&L Guidebook, the Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS), and CLASP's Global S&L Database. 

Click here to explore the new CLASP website.

Enhanced Global S&L Policy Source

CLASP's Global S&L Database, a searchable resource with worldwide S&L policies, was also redesigned with expanded functionality. Users can now perform a broad search, or they can make a search more specific through new filters that include economies, products, sectors, policy types, and other categories. Data can be easily exported to Excel for further analysis, and relevant policies related to the search are also listed to help users navigate the extensive database. Click here to explore the improved Global S&L Database.

Read more about the database, managed in collaboration with APEC ESIS.

the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative

SEAD: Transforming Global Appliance Markets

SEAD is a government-led initiative that works to transform the global market toward higher efficiency appliances and equipment by bringing together governments and technical experts from around the world. Priority program activities with high potential for energy savings and market transformation include procurement, technical analysis, S&L, awards, and incentives.

CLASP was chosen to be SEAD's Operating Agent in 2011. As the Operating Agent, CLASP uses its extensive experience in energy efficiency S&L to develop and support SEAD activities through strategic engagement with SEAD participating economies.

Click here to read more about SEAD activities and CLASP's role, and learn more about the SEAD initiative at the SEAD website.

SEAD Launches Super-Efficient Street Lighting Toolkit

Governments around the world seek solutions for more efficient outdoor lighting. SEAD is responding to this need with a Street Lighting Evaluation Toolkit that will assist governments to make better procurement decisions. Developed in collaboration with CLASP and the Alliance to Save Energy, SEAD's Street Lighting Evaluation Toolkit features energy and cost-savings calculators for government procurement of advanced municipal street lighting.

The energy and cost-savings calculators are unique in their ability to provide an effective way for government procurement officials to evaluate energy consumption and calculate the energy savings potential of alternative product or technology choices, such as LED street lights. The Toolkit is now available for free download on the SEAD website.

Click here to read more about SEAD's energy and cost-savings calculators.

recent events

US: Super-Efficient Clothes Dryers Stakeholder Summit

Super-efficient heat pump clothes dryers, which use 50% less electricity than standard electric clothes dryers, are already sold across Europe but have not yet penetrated the North American market. In September 2011, CLASP and the Super Efficient Dryer Initiative (SEDI) hosted a stakeholder summit in Washington, DC to share developments that will impact the introduction of super-efficient clothes dryers into North America.

The primary purpose of the summit was to bring together a variety of key stakeholders in the North American clothes dryer market to discuss opportunities for participation in upcoming market transformation programs, including endorsement labels, and to collaborate on current and future super-efficient dryer research. Notably, the US Environmental Protection Agency has announced heat pump clothes dryers as a 2012 category for the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Awards. Click here to read more about this announcement.

Click here to learn more about the Stakeholder Summit and access Summit presentations and recorded proceedings.

China: Asia Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling Forum

Sharing S&L information among international peers can lead to energy savings through more stringent national S&L and regional harmonization of S&L policies. On November 15-16, 2011, the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) organized the Asia Energy Efficiency S&L Forum to share international S&L experiences and best practices among stakeholders from across Asia and the wider international S&L community. The Forum drew 100 representatives from China, the US, the EU, and other countries from across Asia.

As a co-sponsor of the Forum, CLASP sponsored the participation of four international experts who presented and discussed topics including international best practices, collaboration, and harmonization.

Click here to read more about the Asia Energy Efficiency S&L Forum.

staff Announcements and Recruiting

CLASP Welcomes New Director of Global Research

CLASP is delighted to announce the newest addition to its Global Research Team! CLASP warmly welcomes Mr. My K. Ton in his role as Director of Global Research. My Ton brings over 15 years of S&L research experience to his new position, where he will lead CLASP's growing program on research and dissemination of S&L best practices, including benchmarking, harmonization, and modeling tools.

My has extensive experience working in lighting, energy efficiency technology, and technical analysis and research. Prior to joining CLASP, My served as Team Leader – Energy Efficient Lighting for the Environmental Cooperation-Asia Clean Development and Climate Program (ECO-Asia) and oversaw all market and technical research conducted by the energy efficient lighting program.

Click here to read more about CLASP's new Director of Global Research.

CLASP Seeks to Hire Director, European Programs

CLASP is recruiting an experienced Director to lead CLASP's European program team. As the European representative of CLASP, the Director will be responsible for engaging and working with key partners and stakeholders within the venue to advance Europe's energy efficiency, energy security and climate change goals through the delivery of high impact technical assistance on standards and labeling programs for appliances, lighting and equipment in Europe.

The Director will provide leadership, management, and strategic direction to all program activities to ensure the efficient use of program resources, timely implementation of program activities, and achievement of goals and objectives.

Click here to see the full job description.