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30 May 2013

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Read more about a new study that tests European consumers’ understanding of the EU energy label and the translation of CLASP’s MV&E Guidebook into Chinese.

New Study Tests European Consumers’ Understanding of Energy Labels

EU Energy Label for RefrigeratorsA new study by Navigant Consulting for CLASP, published in May, 2013, shows that there in an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of energy labelling in the EU by revisiting the label design.

The study shows that European consumers understand most of the information on energy labels. But it also shows that some changes made to the design of the energy label in 2011 have reduced the effectiveness of the European energy label as a driver for product energy performance.

The study comes at an important time, as Europe is reviewing its framework for developing energy labels and setting minimum energy performance standards. It draws attention to the importance of ensuring that energy labels continue to clearly communicate the difference in energy performance between product models over time. The study also indicates the importance of building on the label through in-store interaction consumers, as well as pre-testing labelling design with users.

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能效标准与标识的监督核查和处罚:CLASP MV&E Best Practice Guidebook Now Available in Chinese!

Chinese MV&E GuidebookIn collaboration with the China National Institute of Standardization, CLASP translated Compliance Counts: A Practitioner’s Guidebook on Best Practice Monitoring, Verification, and Enforcement for Appliance Standards & Labeling into Chinese.

The Guidebook provides step-by-step guidance for policymakers and S&L practitioners to design and implement robust and effective MV&E frameworks. Request a copy of MV&E Guidebook in Chinese.