CLASP Welcomes Yang Yu, China Research Associate

22 January 2013

CLASP is delighted to welcome Yang Yu, who joined our team  in early January, 2013, as a Research Associate for the China Program. 

Before joining CLASP, Yang worked as a business manager for an environmental technology company in in Tianjin, China, and additionally spent two years as Network Director for an industrial symbiosis project of the European Union's SWITCH-ASIA Programme.

Yang provides technical support to CLASP’s China Program in the design and execution of program activities. He also supports CLASP’s Global Research program in cross-cutting activities that are relevant to China’s S&L program, including benchmarking studies, monitoring, verification, and enforcement strategies, and updates to CLASP’s global S&L Database.

Yang holds Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada.