Neha Dhingra, India Research Associate, Joins CLASP Team

31 January 2013

CLASP is happy to announce a new addition to our India program. Neha Dhingra joined CLASP in early January, 2013, in the position of Research Associate.

Prior to joining CLASP, Neha served as a Project Manager at EcoSecurities International in New Delhi, India, where she promoted carbon revenue generation for renewable energy projects. She also contributed to the monitoring and verification of energy efficiency projects in Bangladesh. Before joining EcoSecurities, Neha worked with Emergent Ventures International in India in Sustainability and Climate Value Advisory, where she helped to conduct and analyze surveys on consumer and industry awareness of green products and the willingness to pay for them.

As a Research Associate at CLASP, Neha provides technical support in the design and execution of CLASP’s India program activities. She also provides analytical support to CLASP’s Global Research team in cross-cutting activities that are relevant to India’s S&L program, including benchmarking studies; best practices for monitoring, verification and enforcement; and updates to CLASP’s global S&L Database.

Neha holds a Master's degree in Natural Resources Management from TERI University in New Delhi and a Bachelor's degree in Zoology from Delhi University, India.