New CLASP Mission Statement

13 March 2014

We’re so pleased to announce CLASP’s new mission statement!

Our mission is to improve the environmental and energy performance of the appliances and related systems we use every day, lessening their impacts on people and the world around us.  CLASP develops and shares transformative policy and market solutions in collaboration with global experts and local stakeholders.

What does this mean?  CLASP’s work has evolved organically beyond just standards, labels, and other policy mechanisms for reduced energy consumption from our appliances. 

For example, CLASP is supporting the Global LEAP off-grid product awards program, under the Clean Energy Ministerial, which recognizes the highest quality, most energy-efficient products, and then promotes those products to off-grid market stakeholders.  Off-grid energy access efforts improve women’s lives, increase children’s educational opportunities, and reduce black carbon.

In the US, CLASP is hard at work promoting highly efficient emerging technologies through the Super-Efficient Dryer Initiative and other activities. 

Additionally, CLASP has supported the SEAD Initiative’s launch of international awards competitions that identify the world’s most energy efficient TVs and computer monitors.  The Clean Energy Ministerial’s SEAD Initiative has also disseminated the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s assessment of how incentive programs can most effectively transform markets toward super-efficient appliances, under SEAD’s Incentives Working Group

Market transformation for super-efficient appliances and emerging technologies accelerates energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions. 

CLASP of course remains committed to our core work promoting and supporting appliance energy efficiency policy best practices, and will advance our cross-sector work on appliances whenever and wherever we can most effectively progress cutting-edge climate and environmental solutions.

We look forward to collaborating with you on this next stage of our journey.