Join the Race to 10 Billion Bulbs

08 December 2015

CLASP is excited to announce the Global Lighting Challenge (GLC).

The Global Lighting Challenge is a CLASP-supported, Clean Energy Ministerial campaign to reach cumulative global sales of 10 billion high- efficiency, high-quality, and affordable advanced lighting products, such as light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. This race will showcase the ways businesses, governments, and other public-sector leaders are taking action to accelerate this transition. Representatives from 12 countries and the European Commission endorsed the launch of the Challenge at the Sixth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM6) in May 2015.

The GLC provides a high-profile global platform to recognize public- and private sector leaders driving the global transition to efficient lighting. Energy ministers, CEOs, mayors, funders and others announcing major commitments to the Challenge and/or achieving exceptional energy savings will be invited to participate in high-profile international events including COP21 climate negotiations in Paris and the CEM7 meeting in San Francisco.

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