What We Do

Our appliances are a big part of our lives. Without thinking about it, we interact with energy-consuming, resource-intensive appliances and products every time we enter a house or building or walk down the street.

CLASP is an impartial and independent nonprofit organization, first established in 1999 to mitigate the growing energy demand resulting from the use of appliances, lighting, and equipment.

We now work hand-in-hand with policymakers, governments, technical experts, industry, funding organizations, consumers and consumer groups, and others to improve the environmental and energy performance of the appliances and related systems we use every day, lessening their impacts on people and the world around us. CLASP:

  • Convenes stakeholders
  • Conducts analyses
  • Identifies best practices
  • Builds capacity
  • Shares knowledge
  • Guides decision-makers
  • Transforms markets

-- all with the goal of drastically increasing market uptake of affordable, low-impact, high-quality appliances.

CLASP is guided by the values of transparency, collaboration, and service.