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Accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world


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CLASP & Partners Lead Solar E-Waste Innovation Efforts Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Over the past month, CLASP and our partners have furthered several initiatives aimed at accelerating efforts and mitigating the risks of solar e-waste management across sub-Saharan Africa. With the ra...


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New Analysis from Efficiency for Access Provides Detail on the Solar Water Pump Market in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia Like Never Before

New research from Efficiency for Access offers insights on the solar water pump market in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia like never before, underscoring a growing business case for promotion and ad...


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New TV Test Method Underpins World-Leading European Energy Policy

On October 1st, the European Commission adopted the most stringent energy performance standards in the world for TVs, computer monitors and other electronic displays, along with labeling requirements ...


As countries get hotter with climate change, demand for cooling is on the rise.

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Super-efficient appliances address skyrocketing energy demand and GHG emissions.

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