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Accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world


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India Continues Making Major Strides Towards Energy Efficiency

Major moves in energy efficiency are occurring in India. We’re pleased to announce that the “India Cooling Action Plan” was released; microwaves are included for the first time in the Bureau of Energy...


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Trade and Energy Efficiency Policy for Highly Efficient AC Markets

Trade policy and energy efficiency policy often influence each other. The Role of Trade Policy and Energy Efficiency Policy to Promote Highly Efficient Air Conditioner Markets, a new report by CLASP, ...


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A ‘Restless Organization:’ How CLASP’s Values Challenge us to Evolve

by Steve Pantano, Chief Innovation Officer In celebration of CLASP's 20th anniversary, each month we profile one of our team members. This month we’re featuring Steve Pantano, CLASP’s Chief Innovation...


As countries get hotter with climate change, demand for cooling is on the rise.

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Super-efficient appliances address skyrocketing energy demand and GHG emissions.

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