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Accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world


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CLASP launches $1.4 Million Solar E-Waste Innovation Prize

Sustainable management of solar e-waste is an emerging priority for the off-grid solar sector. Many industry leaders have explored potential e-waste management solutions including through product repa...


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Next Generation Residential Air Conditioners: Technologies, Barriers to Market, and Policy Options

Shifting to a new generation of high-efficiency air conditioners using low global warming potential refrigerants could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 98 Gt of CO2e by 2050. A new...


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Solar TV System Offers Information & Safety to Families in Rural Kenya

In 2007, when Kenya’s presidential election turned deadly, western Kenya faced the brunt of the violence. Riots left 1,500 people dead and over half a million displaced. Dorine Adhiambo, her husband, ...


As countries get hotter with climate change, demand for cooling is on the rise.

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Super-efficient appliances address skyrocketing energy demand and GHG emissions.

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