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Clean Energy Access

CLASP programs catalyze the uptake of high quality, life-transforming, super-efficient appliances in off-grid energy markets.

840 million people live without access to electricity, or access to electrical appliances that boost productivity or provide cooling, refrigeration and communications. Distributed renewable energy solutions, including solar home systems and mini-grids, combined with a new generation of high-performing appliances, unlock opportunities for quality of life improvements, women’s empowerment, and sustainable economic development.

CLASP’s clean energy access programs help build healthy markets for off-grid solar products by driving innovation and sales in early stage product markets, surfacing data and research on product performance, market trends, and consumer preferences, establishing technical foundations for consumer protection, and aligning sector stakeholders across the value-chain. CLASP’s energy access portfolio includes the Efficiency for Access Coalition, the Global LEAP Awards, and VeraSol Quality Assurance, among other initiatives.