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New Brand Launching 2020

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CLASP supports ambitious efforts to mitigate climate change through appliance and equipment energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Transitioning to energy efficient appliances and equipment on a global scale would reduce electricity use by 1,500 TWh cumulatively by 2030, cutting more than 1 Gt of carbon emissions per year globally and saving more than $200 billion per year on electricity bills. If the best technologies available on the market were adopted, CO2 emissions could be reduced by another 1.6 Gt, getting us halfway to the Nationally Determined Contribution goals set by countries under the Paris Climate Agreement.

We work hand-in-hand with governments, industry, consumers, donor organizations and other stakeholders to propel policies and markets toward high quality, low resource-intensive products. Our expertise includes:

  • Technology and market assessments
  • Energy performance standards development
  • Consumer product labeling
  • Market transformation
  • Policy compliance and enforcement