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Canada's EnerGuide comparative labeling program, initiated in 1978, is the oldest energy labeling program in the world. Labels are mandatory for major household appliances and room air conditioners and voluntary for other equipment including furnaces, central air conditioners, and gas fireplaces. In 2001, Canada signed an agreement with the U.S. to administer the international ENERGY STAR program in Canada. Since then, Canada has been managing a voluntary ENERGY STAR labeling program to help Canadian consumers select the most energy efficient products in a wide variety of product categories.

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SEDI Transforms North American Market for Super-Efficient Dryers

Approximately 85% of U.S. households have clothes dryers. They account for 6% of residential electricity consumption and cost consumers about $9 billion every year.  Despite this, they are the only ma...


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Canadian Cities Going Green

The SEAD Initiative and CLASP are helping Canadian cities go green by accelerating the deployment of energy-efficient LED street lighting. In British Columbia, the SEAD Initiative and CLASP partnered ...