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There are 15 Policies related to Kenya in the S&L Database


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$1 Million Sub-Saharan Africa Solar E-Waste Innovation Program Launched

Image source: DFID The off-grid solar market is growing rapidly. In 2016 alone, an estimated 30 million off-grid solar products were sold globally. These products ranged from small portable lanterns t...


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Trade and Energy Efficiency Policy for Highly Efficient AC Markets

Trade policy and energy efficiency policy often influence each other. The Role of Trade Policy and Energy Efficiency Policy to Promote Highly Efficient Air Conditioner Markets, a new report by CLASP, ...


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Meet CLASP’s Newest Team Members

CLASP is excited grow its capacity to serve the energy efficiency, policy, and clean energy access sectors, and accelerate our transition to a more sustainable world. In the first four months of the y...