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New Brand Launching 2020

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How We Work

Partnering with key stakeholders to catalyze markets for energy-efficient appliances, toward a higher global standard of living for everyone.

CLASP partners with key stakeholders on high-impact policies and programs to catalyze markets for energy-efficient products. From international collaborations to local markets, we draw on best practice and leading technical expertise, helping decision-makers launch ambitious and cost-effective interventions.

Our suite of services includes everything from drafting standards, to product testing and quality assurance, to energy labeling and consumer communication, to convening manufacturers, to projecting and measuring outcomes of specific policies. Awards, incentives, and bulk procurement build and energize markets. Corresponding cross-cutting initiatives improve awareness and political will, boost market intelligence and transparency, enhance local capacity, and increase competition.

Since CLASP’s founding, we've helped set and promote energy, performance, and quality standards, labels, and market transformation programs in nearly 100 economies. We remain dedicated to working anywhere in the world where there is need and opportunity.

Energy & Quality Standards

Push the market toward high-quality, high-efficiency products

Labeling & Buyer Education

Communicate energy, performance, and quality to consumers and other buyers, inspiring demand for sustainability

Awards & Product Recognition

Drive innovation, increase recognition of stand-out products, and develop markets

Incentives & Bulk Procurement

Accelerate market saturation of high-quality, high-efficiency products & reduce market risk

Compliance, Testing, & Quality Assurance

Ensure products perform as promised & markets are fair to all