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19 April 2016

Off-Grid Solar Home Systems - Technical & Market Guide

Millions of solar home systems (SHSs) from dozens of manufacturershave been sold worldwide. Strong commercial markets for SHSsand the low-voltage DC appliances they power will continue togrow in the c

19 April 2016

The State of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market

Global markets for clean energy technologies such as solar lanterns and solar home systems have grown phenomenally over the past few years, benefiting millions of un-electrified people globally. Yet,

19 April 2016

The State of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market

This report contains the first-ever snapshot of the global off-grid appliance market, and includes information on key market trends in three of the most important and promising appliance categories: f

11 February 2016

Rebound Effects and Developing Countries

Energy efficiency-related “rebound effects” usually refer to the tendency of most consumers to increase their use of energy services in response to efficiency measures that have reduced their energy c

31 January 2016

Mapping & Benchmarking of General Service Lamps

Lighting is responsible for 15% of electricity use around the world and for approximately 6% of total annual global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this impact, many governments have phased out th