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A Study on the Feasibility of Ecolabeling in India


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A Study on the Feasibility of Ecolabeling in India

This study assesses the feasibility of developing a comprehensive ecolabeling program in India and proposes ecolabeling criteria for cooling appliances to inform consumer purchasing. Ecolabeling could help drive technology innovation, increase access to environmentally friendly products, and transform the market for cooling appliances.

The report provides an overview of existing legislation, initiatives, and frameworks relevant to the introduction of ecolabeling in India. It reviews the global experience with eco-standards, policies, and labels. It also reviews best practices for certification processes, consumer awareness and information dissemination.

A key finding of the report is that an Indian ecolabeling program should build on the existing Ecomark framework and lessons learned from global ecolabeling experiences. The proposed ecolabeling scheme has the potential to become a market standard and can aid consumers in cutting their energy bills, improving appliance performance, and achieving indoor thermal comfort.

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