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Global LEAP Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition (Round 1) Follow-up Report


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Refrigeration improves health, income generation and reduces the burden that typically falls on women to shop for, gather and prepare food. In off-grid, rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, availability of off-grid refrigerators is poor and relies on the uptake of solar home systems. For the global market of off-grid refrigerators to develop, more energy efficient and cost-effective appliances are needed, but refrigerators are one of the most challenging off-grid appliances to design and develop.

The 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition (Round 1) aimed to transform the global market for off-grid refrigerators by incentivising companies to nominate appliances to be tested in laboratory and field settings, and then to be benchmarked against one other.

This follow-up review builds on the findings of the evaluation conducted by the innovation foundation Nesta to assess what happened to the Winners and Finalists of Round 1 of the Competition. It also explores if and how the competition changed the market and how learnings from Round 1 influenced the design of Round 2 and the Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold-Chain Challenge, funded through the Ideas to Impact programme.

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