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Indonesia Market Study and Policy Analysis for Fans


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As the leading international voice and resource for appliance efficiency policies and market acceleration initiatives, CLASP, together with local partner PwC, conducted a comprehensive study of electric fans in Indonesia. The goal of the study was to characterize the market; inform the development of appropriate and robust fans testing, standards, and labeling requirements; and assess the potential impacts of these energy efficiency policies.

The team contacted over 56 manufacturers and importers, received data and inputs from the trade association GABEL and six major manufacturers responsible for 59% of the market, and visited 51 retail stores in six cities. The team also collected government data, reviewed past studies, reviewed manufacturers’ websites, and incorporated the findings of CLASP’s 5000-household, nationwide residential end-use survey. Finally, the team developed policy recommendations and analyzed them using CLASP’s Policy Analysis Modeling System.

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