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State of Play and Innovations in Off-Grid Refrigeration Technology: Lessons Learned from Current Initiatives


    The high energy demands of refrigerators present significant technical challenges to off-grid energy systems. Additionally, the lack of consistent and comparable performance data to help market stakeholders make effective and informed decisions about product selection. Data collected through the Global LEAP Awards refrigerator competition may help address these knowledge gaps in the market.

    In their recent article in Springer Nature’s Energy Efficiency journal, Nyamolo Abagi, Yasemin Erboy Ruff, Jenny Corry Smith, and Michael Spiak from CLASP, as the EforA co-Secretariat, present findings of a baseline product testing effort used to establish a foundational understanding of the field performance of commercially available off-grid refrigerators. The paper further explores the role of innovation cash prizes in catalyzing technology innovation and market expansion of off-grid refrigeration, analyzing them through the lens of the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition. Key findings underscore the need for more data and field testing to better understand how refrigerators can maximize energy performance and meet customer expectations.

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