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Study: retail prices of LED lamps dropping rapidly


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CLASP’s Europe program has studied retail prices for LED lamps finding a rapid rate of price reduction globally and in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

LED lamp prices have experienced a rapid decline in pricing around the world. Recent analysis of price trend information from LED Insider, US DOE and LBNL shows a strong downward trend globally – from around US$30 per 60W equivalent LED lamp in 2012 to around US$10 per 60W equivalent just four years later – a reduction of 67%.

Focusing on Europe, the price of directional LED lamps has dropped by 80-90% over the last five years. Consumers are experiencing payback periods of just a few months followed by years and years of savings. In 2012, an Ecodesign measure was adopted to steer markets toward high quality, high efficiency lighting products across Europe. Now, starting on 1 September 2016, manufacturers and importers across Europe will stop placing mains-voltage (230V) directional halogen lamps (also called “spot lights”) on the European market. This measure removes the least efficient (D-class) directional lamps from the market, in favour of B-class and better options. There are no C-class directional lamps. This Ecodesign measure is yet another example of how EU product policies can bring significant financial benefits to households across Europe.

Before (Halogen) After (LED)

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