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Jenny Corry Smith

Senior Manager Clean Energy Access | Washington, DC

Jenny Corry Smith is a Senior Manager at CLASP and has more than eight years of experience in research, policy development, and implementation of appliance energy efficiency and market transformation projects around the world. She leads the DFID funded Low Energy Inclusive Appliances Program, a research and innovation program that supports cost and efficiency improvements for off-grid technologies. In her tenure at CLASP she has also forecasted the impacts of appliance efficiency programs, designed policy roadmaps, and maintained CLASP’s global database of appliance efficiency policies. Jenny earned her Master’s Degree in Public Policy from George Mason University and focused her studies on energy and environmental policies.

Co-produced by Efficiency for Access and CLASP; written by Corinne Schneider, Jenny Corry Smith, and the CLASP team. So much has happened since the re-launch of the Efficiency for Access Coalition in
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Off-grid appropriate appliances enable households to enjoy the benefits and improved quality of life that come from expanded access to energy by allowing them to effectively and efficiently make use o
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