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New Brand Launching 2020

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Nyamolo Abagi

Manager Clean Energy Access | East Africa

Nya brings seven years of experience in Project Management and Operations in the renewable energy sector, having built and supported teams in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda focused on increasing access to clean and affordable energy. Abagi joins CLASP from Fenix International, where she held various leadership roles and led Fenix’s strategic expansion into Zambia. She has a fondness for the desert from having spent her college years at New Mexico State University, where she studied Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Abagi challenges herself to run a half marathon every year and is currently reading her way through the world with a personal goal of one new book every month.

Solar water pumps hold the potential to transform the agriculture sector across sub-Saharan Africa by offering a clean, cost-effective long-term irrigation solution for millions of smallholder farmers
We are excited to announce the results of the 2019 Global LEAP Awards Solar Water Pump and Off-Grid Refrigerator Competitions. The 2019 Awards identified the world’s best and most innovative refrigera
06 February 2020

Use and Impact of Solar TVs

Solar TVs represent one of the most sought after appliances in off- and weak-grid communities yet, little is known about how customers view, value, and interact with their TV. From 2018-2019, Efficien