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MV&E Guidebook

A step-by-step guide to design and implement an effective compliance framework.

Energy efficiency standards and labeling (S&L) programs, an important element of many national energy efficiency policy portfolios, require integrity of energy performance and product information. Establishing an effective compliance framework using monitoring, verification, and enforcement (MV&E) is critical to safeguarding the credibility of S&L programs and to realizing expected energy savings.

This Guidebook provides practical information on compliance frameworks based on the experiences of existing S&L programs. It complements CLASP’s previous major publication, A Standards & Labeling Guidebook for Appliances, Equipment and Lighting, and is designed as a manual for policy makers, program administrators, and others involved in the design and implementation of S&L programs worldwide.

The Guidebook discusses the various approaches for maintaining compliance and describes the data, facilities, and institutional and human resources needed to support MV&E activities. It provides guidance on the issues to consider in the design and implementation of effective compliance frameworks, and directs the reader to references and other relevant resources.

Additionally, the guidebook demonstrates the importance of effective compliance frameworks in safeguarding current and future energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings from S&L programs. Government activity to improve compliance frameworks ensures a level playing field for industry and to encourage greater levels of investment and innovation in energy efficient products.